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White Collar (2009 - 2014) Season 1 Eps 5&6 Reviewed

The Portrait
A painting worth $2 million that is of dubious ownership is stolen. So pompous Peter and Neal and his over tight suits leap into action. Neal poses and gets bent over a police car, demonstrates his painting skills and follows Kate’s elaborate scavenger hunt. Peter can’t handle some French tarts and Kate shows her smug lying liar who lies face.

This was good, one can overlook the bad green screen and dubbing. The fact that nobody wondered about the inscription on the back of the painting. Or the fact that Elizabeth never complains or raises her voice, she exists only to lavish praise on her man. Elizabeth just seems personality free. Also why is a seemingly smart guy like Neal obsessed with Kate?

Best Lines:
“Calling him a loan shark is like calling Oedipus a mama’s boy.”

“What’s that smell?”
“It’s devilled ham.”

“He wants something. Something you took, something you hid.”
“I hid a lot of things.”

All In
Neal works undercover at a Pai Gow game to find a missing undercover agent. He tangles with Meilin and her nice gold dress. A crime lord is played and Neal learns something unsettleling about the man with the ring. This was good. So Neal ran a Canary Islands scam in 04?

Best Lines:
“I’ve stolen a lot of stuff in my lifetime.”

“There’s a sequel?”

“There’s a death tile?”

“You have been on our watch list for years.”
“Could you be more specific? Cos I’ve been on so many it’s kind of hard to keep track.”
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