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Fringe Season 3 Ep 3 Review

The Plateau

Olivia who now thinks she is alt Olivia investigates when a man sets up a series of ‘Final Destination’ like death traps. As she investigates she has visions of Peter and alt Charlie grows suspicious of who she really is. The suspect is part of a drug trial gone wrong. This was dull in parts.

Where did alt Charlie’s scar go? Where’s alt John Scott? What’s wrong with the air quality in alt world, that there are road signs about compromised air quality? Why are ballpoint pens and avocados rare in alt world? Why is smallpox still raging in alt world? Is Olivia’s red hair dye growing out? What is Walternate’s attitude to Peter?

Best Lines:
“You look like you got some rest.”
“Continuous IV drip of government issue anti-psychotics. It’s like instant R&R.”

“You’re asking me if it is possible for a person to use a ballpoint pen to set off a chain of events that culminates in someone getting killed by a bus, twice.”

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