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Survivors (1975 – 1977) Review, Part 4

A Beginning

Series one comes to a merciful end. Greg rants and stirs the pot. Abby is useless and full of ignoratio elenchi. Suddenly they have sheep again and a never mentioned before greenhouse. Charmin wears a shiny, yellow jacket that is very clean. The kids are useless. Abby wears her vile yellow flares again. Everyone is useless and whining.

Jenny’s knocked up. Another group passes by and warns of raiders. Greg suggests a Federation of Settlements. Paul walks around with his shirt open to the waist. Mrs Cohen does all the cooking for no thanks. Abby runs away to Jimmy Garland who has won his war and sports a vile sheepskin waistcoat and a medallion.

As Jimmy and Abby drink the contents of his liquor collection, back at the settlement a sick woman is dumped. Greg is a jerk at least until the sick women wakes up and reveals her name is Ruth and she’s a doctor. Jenny wears a hideous sweater vest. Ruth reveals she met Peter. This was boring.

Series 2

Birth of a Hope

Series 1 ended on a semi-optimistic note but someone made note of the large problems the show had and made some big changes and did some severe retooling for season 2.

Greg goes to Whitecross to trade with Charles, who has undergone some pruning of his personality since his series 1 guest role. Charles has a set up a new commune and has a new woman named Pet. When did Greg and co learn to cure skins, make mutton fat lamps and get new sheep and chickens?

Abby has left to find Peter (meaning the actress was fired). As Greg hangs out with Charles, the settlement burns down leaving only Greg, Jenny, Paul, Ruth, Arthur and the idiot kids alive. Everyone else from series 1 (Mrs Cohen, Vic, Donny, Laura and her baby, Charmin, Ben the dog etc are dead)

So Greg and co move into with Charles. The Federation of settlements that was discussed in series 1 isn’t mentioned. Greg doesn’t like the idea of communal living and is thankless. Ruth (played by a new actress) delivers Jenny’s baby and has acquired a ratty fur coat from somewhere. How does Charles make charcoal but have no soap? This was good.

Best Lines:
“I’ve been pretty resilient during my career. I’ve survived the Death. I’ve even adapted to this ghastly way of life.”

“We’ve got to learn to live together.”

Greater Love

Ruth and Paul get together. Jenny cares for her baby that looks like something from ‘The Omen’ and then she develops childbed fever. To treat her, Ruth needs medical equipment from a hospital. Paul volunteers to go to a hospital in Birmingham. Why didn’t Ruth ask for latex gloves?

Paul gets the drugs and equipment needed. But he’s sick and quarantined in a barn. DDT is used as disinfectant. Ruth talks about the Death possibly being a mutant strain of the Black Death and how Paul probably has yet another mutated version. Greg shouts. Ruth and co make a primitive isolation suit to treat Paul but to no avail. The irritating kids get a birthday party. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You do realise that for Jenny’s baby, there’ll be no vaccines for polio, diphtheria, smallpox?”

“Town’s are lethal.”

Lights of London, Part 1

Two strangers show up claiming to have word of Abby and Peter. Ruth goes with them only to learn they’ve lied and have tricked her into coming to their community in London. Their community is suffering from an unknown illness called London sickness.

London has disease and rats but what about the Thames flood barrier? And the underground pumping stations? Manny the leader of the London community shows off his telephone, electricity, radio and hot water.

Ruth learns that Abby was in London but she hasn’t found Peter and is presumed dead. Ruth is put to work alongside a doctor and nurse who wear cleaned, starched and ironed uniforms. Nobody seems concerned that of an original community of 1000 people, 500 have died.

Ruth learns that the Oval cricket ground is being transformed into a farm and that the community are planning a big move to the Isle of Wight. Greg and Charles track Ruth down and get attacked by a rat pack. This was very good; the return to London and the first news of the wider world is welcome.

Best Line:
“We have a fair chance of extinction in a few generations.”

Lights of London, Part 2

Charles and Greg end up in Manny’s community and are put to work. Greg and some others have to find a way through the impassable streets. Charles despite being bitten severely does not develop septic shock or plague. Manny wears a hideous orange shirt, people die and the biliously repellent Greg rants.

Manny’s power mad, lies are uncovered and London community reject Wally (Roger Lloyd Pack) who nobody listens to is proved right. This was good and that snippy hoyden Abby is not missed.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t come through all this to live in a fascist state.”

“What do you know about fascist states?”
“I’ve been around long enough to know which way things are going here.”

“There’s no future for these people.”

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