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Movie Review: The Name of the Rose (1986)

It is 1327 and mysterious deaths are taking place at a remote abbey in Italy. The monk William of Baskerville (Sean Connery) and his novice Adso (a very young and acne ridden Christian Slater) investigate as various people mutter about the wiles of the evil one.

There are lots of mysterious deaths in the perpetually snow, mud and fog riddled abbey. But this Middle Ages Holmes and Watson will solve the case. This film is sinister and very atmospheric.

As the plot unfolds: Adso has an encounter with a feral peasant girl, William encounters forbidden books, secret passages are uncovered and the Inquisition shows up to cause misery. The murderer is revealed, unpleasant things happen and the ending is a mixture of downbeat and hopeful. This was a good slice of 14th century life, but what does the title mean?

Best Lines:
“May I speak with you candidly?”
“You seem most anxious to do so.”

“The devil is roaming this abbey!”

“The beast is still among us.”

“We must not let ourselves be influenced by irrational rumours of the anti-Christ.”

“Laughter is a devilish whim.”

“The girl of whom I have never ceased to dream these many long years. She was the only earthly love of my life.”

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