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True Blood Season 2 Ep 6 Review

Hard-Hearted Hannah

Eric annoys. Lorena shows up. Flashbacks to the 1920’s show Bill and Lorena’s twisted relationship. Maryann and Tara yell at each other about a water heater pipe. Jason builds a platform. Sookie yaps. Hoyt’s mother annoys. Eggs acts weird.

Sookie and Rufus infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun and are immediately made and tossed into the basement. Andy unravels. Maryann holds another weird party. Daphne is no good. Rubber fangs are bared. This dull apart from Terry and Lafayette bonding. When will TPTB reveal the truth about Bill? He and his bad haircut and grunting just annoy.

Best Line:
“I know that pig.”
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