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Tin Man Review part 2

Part 3

DG has to save the O.Z from the possessed Azkadellia, she gets some 'help'
from her long lost father. Seriously DG and Azkadellia have the worst
parents ever. DG is obviously the favourite. Her father makes no mention of
why neither he or his wife never even tired to save their possessed child.
And given that Azkadellia was possessed for years before staging her coup,
that is some crappy parenting right there. The stupid mother deserved to be

DG has a meeting with her greatest great-grandmother, the original Dorothy
Gale. The monochrome sequence is very nice as is the sight of the glittery
slippers, shame about the very modern looking farmhouse. So time in the O.Z
must pass differently to that in the real world. seeing as 'Tin Man' shows
the far, distant future of Oz long after Judy Garland's time.

Cain reunites with his creepy long lost son. Jeb the long lost son plays
some mind games with Zero. Then Cain takes a nasty revenge on Zero. The O.Z
must have a very small landmass as people run back and forth over it with no

The cross eyed, vamp nail polish sporting Azkadellia has more crazy
conversations with herself. So her possession is like a split personality,
Azkadellia and the Wicked Witch talk to each other and the Wicked Witch
tells Azkadellia what to do. Also some of Azkadellia's followers seem to
know she's possessed and follow her willingly anyway.

Azkadellia and the tacky looking Emerald of the Eclipse try to bring
permanent darkness to the O.Z, muttering something about history being about
to be repeated. However by some singing and hand holding DG manages to
exorcise Azkadellia. Seriously after 15 years of possession, it was that
easy. The Wicked Witch melts. The Royal family hug. Nobody asks why magic
mommy never bothered to do some singing or hand holding herself 15 years
ago. Mommy hugs DG but not Azkadellia who is a free agent for the first time
in 15 years.

Family look out on the O.Z and no mention is made of what the consequences
will be of Azkadellia's rule. This finale was goodish, I wonder how it would
have worked as a TV series considering that was how 'Tin Man' was originally

Why was this miniseries called 'Tin Man'? Has Glitch has being wearing the same clothes for 10 years? Did Tutor just die? Azkadellia's black leather cloak with the buckles was very Cenobite like. The Realm of the Unwanted has two tiny entrance/exits? Not very smart. How does the Realm of the Unwanted see the moon while underground? Where did that hot air balloon come from? What about the mobats? Are they going to take Glitch's brain out of that jar? The O.Z has a very fascistic flag. There is no talk of dealing with the consequences of Azkadellia's reign. There is no talk of dealing with Azkadellia herself. No mention of any mental health care she might need or the fact that her subjects hate her. There is no mention of family integration problems. DG makes one mention of her robot nurture units and then forgets them. What about all the scientists and soldiers and Longcoats who chose to follow Azkadellia? What'll happen to them? So what'll happen to Glitch, Raw and Cain now? Are they going to leave Zero out in the woods? Who rules the O.Z now?

Best Lines:
"Do you know how long I've waited to see that look on your face? No fake
smile, no brave front."

"The Evil Witch Of The Dark lives inside your sister."

"They know all about us don't they?"
"They knew and they left you for dead. I on the other hand, will never leave

"Both of your daughters are gone."
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