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Tape Tales of 2000 & 2001

Cleared out two tapes. One from 2000 and one from 2001. The 2000 tape contained one ep each of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘G vs E’, ‘Angel’ and ‘The X Files’. The ‘Buffy’ was a season 4 ep entitled ‘Primeval’ in which Spike has turned Buffy and her friends against each other. So now they have boring issues. Adam and Riley get too much screen time, Spike annoys, there is outdated CGI and made up computer tech. There’s a big dumb fight. This was dull.

The ‘G vs E’ ep was ‘To Be Or Not To Be Evil’ in which Morlocks have invaded Hollywood and so ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘Scream’ get mocked. This was okay. The ‘Angel’ ep was the season 1 ‘Blind Date’ in which a blind assassin is lurking. Lindsay sneers and tries to be good. Cue much flicking of Lindsay’s 90’s hair, an obvious low budget, floppy discs, Wesley being pompous and Lindsey deciding to be bad after all. This was dull and why do people work for Wolfram & Hart if they can be horribly killed for any failing whatsoever?

Finally ‘The X File’ ep was ‘Sein Und Zeit’ in which a kidnapping ties into an earlier case. Mulder broods, Mrs Mulder takes up screen time and the reason why the mother wrote the fake kidnapping note isn’t explained. Even the creepy final image would be undermined in the follow up ep. Boring.

The 2001 tape had one ep each of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, ‘Cleopatra 2525’, ‘Jack of all Trades’, ‘Angel’ and ‘The X Files’. The ‘Buffy’ was the season 5 ‘Triangle’ in which Riley is finally gone but Xander and Dawn won’t shut up about him. Willow shoplifts and is obnoxious. A troll annoys, this was boring.

Best Line:
“Relationship debris is kind of piling up on the Buffy highway.”

The ‘Cleopatra 2525’ ep was ‘Reality Check’ in which Cleo finds herself back with her 500 years gone boy toy. She’s stuck in a simulator. Her friends try to rescue her and idiot comedy ensues. This was dull. The ‘Jack of All Trades’ ep was ‘Croquey in the Pokey’ in which Croque ends up in jail and idiot accents and comedy ensure dull viewing.

The ‘Angel’ ep was the season 2 ‘Redefinition’ in which the darkly brilliant ending of the previous ep ‘Reunion’ is undone by having Lilah and Lindsey survive. Darla and Drusilla skip into Wolfram & Hart, I guess the vampire detectors had the day off. Cordelia, Gunn, Wesley and Lorne bore. Angel hunts down Darla and Drusilla and doesn’t finish them off. Boring.

Finally there was ‘The X Files’ ep ‘Via Negativa’ in which Doggett and Skinner look into a cult massacre. Doggett bores, Skinner is in too many scenes and the Lone Gunmen show up. A weird cult leader lurks, weird visions are had and Scully sits this one out. Boring.
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