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Fringe Season 3 Ep 2 Review

The Box

There are mysterious deaths tied to a box. Nina wears another fright wig. Bell’s will is read and Walter inherits something unexpected, the death taxes will be enormous no doubt. Alt Olivia kills a deaf man and makes out with Peter. They’re bonding. Peter can’t forgive Walter. This was okay and best of all there is no Bono in the alt universe, praise be!

What is synaesthesia and speciation? Why was Newton a frozen head? Is that ‘History of Pop Culture’ a Taschen book? Why do Broyles and Astrid think Peter should make nice with his kidnapper? What is the weapon and why are pieces of it on our side? What is Alt Olivia up to with Peter and Walter? What is Peter’s destiny?

Best Lines:
“Their side may be alluring but don’t be taken in by it. They started the war.”

“A mad scientist who kidnapped you from another universe.”

“You took me from my family, from my world.”

“He destroyed their world, my world.”

“It’s not like they gave him a picture of himself with fireballs coming out of his eyes while he was strapped into a doomsday machine.”

“Am I supposed to destroy worlds too? Because I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really want to turn out like Walter.”

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