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White Collar Season 1 Ep 4 Review

Flip of the Coin

Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) asks Peter to help her friend’s husband who is accused of theft. Neal poses in a waistcoat like he thinks he’s Captain Jack Harkness. The baddie of the week is Aimes, who is played by the actor who was a blight on ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’.

This was a vast improvement and was good. There is an antique coin and a reporter who looks like Claire off ‘Lost’, still Peter is his usual pompous self and Elizabeth exists only to agree with her husband at all times and never argue with him. Neal gets another message from Kate, are we supposed to care about that plotline or something?

Best Lines:
“Need a car.”
“I’ll get my slim jim.”

“I need to look like I can drop a few million on antiquities. This says: look what I kept in the divorce
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