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Book Reviews: Cracks +Night of the Living Trekkies +The Holmes-Dracula File

Cracks by Shelia Kohler

A group of middle aged women gather at their old boarding school for a reunion. It was from this place that 40 years ago their disliked classmate Fiamma disappeared. As the women negotiate talk of the past, the ugly truth of what happened at the remote school 40 years ago is shockingly revealed.

This is a dark tale of teenage passions and cruelty. It is somewhat reminiscent of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, this is a good if disturbing novella.

Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall

Jim Pike is a former ‘Trek’ fan and a demoralised former soldier. Now he works a thankless job at a third rate hotel in Houston. To make things worse his hotel is hosting a ‘Star Trek’ convention. Jim grits his teeth and endures. Then flesh eating zombies go on the rampage.

The convention becomes a fight for survival against cannibal zombies and Jim must lead a small group of fans to safety. Can they make it? This is a hilarious parody, full of in-jokes and affection for ‘Star Trek’. It has zombie Borg, a Khan joke, zombies being fought off with Jem’Hadar weaponry and a red shirt. This is excellent and hilarious reading fro Trek and zombie fans.

The Holmes-Dracula File by Fred Saberhagen

Strange things are afoot in London, celebrations are underway for Queen Victoria’s jubilee and mysterious deaths are occurring. Holmes and Watson investigate and encounter a mysterious nobleman named Dracula.

This is an okay story, but the back-story Saberhagen creates for Holmes is too far fetched.
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