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Book Review: Journey Into The Void

Journey Into The Void: Book 3 of the Sovereign Stone Trilogy by Margaret
Weis & Tracy Hickman

The disappointing conclusion to the saga. The boring heroes run around
getting into scrapes, fights, some die and then they just happen to meet up
to conveniently reunite the Sovereign Stone. Gareth pops up to reveal the
gods have forgiven him and that's it. His fate in the afterlife is never
revealed. Dagnarus is killed in a way that nobody else has thought of in
the past two hundred years. Dagnarus dies (or does he?) and is promptly

Various hero types scoot off to their lives. Various bad types are dead or
either being saved for a sequel. The writers seem to have run out of paper
and do a summing up epilogue. Book ends.

So much for Book 1's promise of telling the story from the baddies POV. In
'Well of Darkness', Dagnarus and Gareth were fascinating as the Wicked
Prince and his Evil Mage archetypes. The book gave them character, motives
and a warped friendship and was an excellent read because of that. Then Book
2 junked the baddies POV idea and centred on boring new 'heroes' who were
dull and most of all, clichéd. Dagnarus had only a cameo role in Book 2 and
there was no Gareth.

Then Book 3 focuses even more on the idiot heroes running around, brings
Gareth back and then forgets him and kills Dagnarus off. If the trilogy had
been true to its baddies POV start, Dagnarus would have either won or had a
better end than the clichéd cackling villain end. After three books, the
meandering plot of Book 3 is a let down. It takes ages to get going, goes
off on uninteresting tangents and then just stops. Sure the writers attempt
to pay homage to the Dagnarus/Gareth friendship, but it is too little, far
too late.

This was a real let down.
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