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Survivors (1975 – 1977) Review, Part 2

Gone to the Angels

Greg and Jenny are sick of Abby looking for Peter. Abby’s prissy self delusion continues. She compounds that sin that wearing bright yellow flares that are very clean. Greg and Jenny meet two bad child actors and their dog.

Abby makes drop scones and thinks she knows where Peter is. But this fractured world undermines any manifestation of optimism. Greg gets shot but he is an Alpha Male and can walk that off. Civilisation has devolved into factions and there is talk of giant rats, escaped safari park animals and giant crows but none of that shows up in this series.

Abby hangs out with some religious types, an idiot who wears a tie after the fall of the civilisation annoys and there is no real sense of dislocation. This was awful but the viewer does get to see old fashioned petrol pumps.

Best Lines:
My dad said: just go and keep walking.”

“Life down there, you say, has been reduced to survival level.”

Garland’s War

This ep was remade for the remake. Abby and co camp out to give a sense of grim, gritty desolation. They learn of a nearby country estate called Waterhouse and Abby decides to visit to look for Peter. She runs into Jimmy Garland who is so posh he could eat an apple through a fence.

It seems Waterhouse is the country seat and ancestral home of the 14th Earl, James, Lord Waterhouse aka Jimmy Garland. Oiks have taken over Waterhouse and Garland is waging a war against the squatters. Abby, Greg and Jenny all get involved. This was boring, everyone is an idiot.

Best Lines:
“I was the fourth son. I never would have inherited but well then this plague thing.”

“We’re going to have to mark this place as a kind of badlands on the map.”


Abby and co decide to found a settlement. Tom Price shows up as does a very well groomed and non-threatening dog pack. Abby and co stumble across two idiot women. Everyone irritates and annoys. This is a post apocalyptic world where a global pandemic has lead to dystopian unravelling and it is so boring.

Abby and co stumble across a stately home with sheep and decide to move in. Thus is born a settlement made up of the two idiot women, Tom Price, the annoying kids and their dog, Abby, Jenny, Greg and Barney a village idiot. This was okay. But why does Jenny have a sparkling white blouse? Why isn’t Jenny or Abby’s hair growing?

Spoil of War

Attempts at ploughing don’t work out. Paul shows up, he used to live on a commune and gives exposition dumping lectures on self-sufficiency. There are mentions of survivors in London and more annoying survivors show up at the settlement. They are a boss and his slave aka secretary.

Greg orders Tom and Barney to drive to the quarry from ep 2 to loot. But when they don’t come back, Greg and Paul drive after them. This leads to a quarry shootout and a familiar face returns to rage. The contagion is being called The Death, mmmmm. This is okay.

Isn’t the quarry far away? How did Wendy wash the clothes? Why is only Mrs Cohen doing the cooking? Why isn’t the grass growing?

Best Lines:
“You been in London?”

Law and Order

Abby suggests a May Day party. After the lame party a drunken Tom Price harasses and kills Wendy. Paul blames Barney because he’s a ‘defective’. Most of the settlement joins Paul in scapegoating Barney. Tom says not a word. This is future shock; this is the future of mankind. Horrible pompous people browbeating and condemning a harmless man because they don’t trust or like people with learning disorders.

Abby, Paul, Vic, Arthur and Greg lead the condemnation. Greg’s disgusting bully boy tactics wins the day and he murders Barney because Greg decided Barney can’t be trusted. Minutes after Greg kills Barney, he and Abby learn Tom Price is the one who killed Wendy.

So what do Greg and Abby do? They cover up their disgusting murderous behaviour and Tom Price’s as they need him to work on their settlement. Not one word of regret for Barney’s murder is expressed, nor do they worry that Tom Price could kill again. This was a vile ep full of hateful people.

When did Tom Price shave? Why is the secretary waiting on her boss? Where is all the bright indoor light coming from? Why are the clothes so clean? Where did the pigs come from? Did Wendy have an eating disorder? Since when did Tom Price do all the work? Why did the boss and secretary get away with food hoarding? Where did Abby get her clean and overly tight yellow jeans? So now Tom Price is sorry, why didn’t he speak up sooner?

The Future Hour

Fresh from the murders of Wendy and Barney, Tom Price and Greg hangs out. Neither seems overly concerned about the murders they both committed. Greg enjoys striking macho poses with a shotgun. A pregnant woman shows up at the settlement. Greg and Paul run across her man, a prat who wears sunglasses and barters looted items for gold. He wants his woman back but not the baby as it isn’t his.

Greg and his hideous hairstyle wants to throw the pregnant woman out the door and lays down the lay again. The pregnant woman, Laura, whines and moans. Abby is self righteous. There is not one mention of Barney. These people are prats, idiots, fools and morons.

The baby is born and Tom Price is shot dead by karma. Greg is self righteous over Price’s just dead corpse. This was dull.
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