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The Tudors Season 2 Ep 10 Review

Best Lines:
"Was it all worth it?"

"I hide the sword so she cannot see it."

"Is the harlot dead?"

As Anne Boleyn prepares for her execution, Jane Seymour prepares to marry
King Henry. Meanwhile Henry kills and eats a swan, further demonstrating his
megalomania. Cromwell gets smacked around by Henry and whines about the cost
of Anne's scaffold and the executioner's fee. Elizabeth is declared
illegitimate and Mary celebrates. The Duke of Suffolk's son is bloodthirsty
(just where this son came from, has never been explained). Daddy Boleyn
doesn't care a wit about his dead son and soon to be dead daughter.

Eventually Anne is executed. Was it all worth it? Let history judge. An okay

Fashion Moments:
Jane's green dress.
Henry's blue pimp style shirt.
Mary's huge crucifix.
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