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White Collar Season 1 Eps 1 – 3 Reviewed


Neal (Matt Bomer of ‘Chuck’ and ‘Traveler’) is a con man who breaks out of jail faster than any escape in ‘Prison Break’ ever took. He strolls out and poses. Cue unimpressive opening credits. Peter Burke the FBI agent who arrested Neal chases him down. Neal broke out due to issues over his gal pal Kate.

Neal manipulates Peter into getting him out of jail on work release to help him catch another con man called The Dutchman. Peter can’t act and spends his time whining. Neal preens and wears a fedora.

There is dullness involving a forged war bond. Neal looks up a criminal buddy to find out where Kate ran off to. Peter annoys and has a doormat personality free wife. This was insubstantial.


Peter and Neal try to find a counterfeiter during fashion week. A fake party is held, a new female agent shows up. Neal gets a message from Kate. This is boring fluff. Why does Neal have a phone?

Best Line:
Stand there and look menacing.”

Book of Hours

A medieval bible is stolen. Neal tangles with an iffy art historian. Kirk Acevedo of ‘Fringe’ shows up playing another FBI agent. There is sap involving a homeless guy and his sick dog. This was dull and I don’t care about any of these people. Who is Kate and why is she communicating with Neal in such a cryptic fashion?

Best Lines:
“Where’s your pet convict?”

“No ID, no pee.”

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