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Eastwick Ep 13 Review

Pampered and Tampered

The watered down rubbish finally ends and on a cliff-hanger, not one single plotline is resolved. In fact, more plot lines are introduced to be left dangling.

Penny is upset over Jamie which Joanna makes all about her. Joanna acts suspiciously and finally Penny cops on to Joanna. Jamie shows up to startle Penny.

Roxie’s husband returns from the dead and hangs out with his kid and mates again like him being five years dead is a trivial affair. Mia finally resurfaces to bond with her not dead daddy. Roxie being a selfish slut thinks only of Darryl not how her dead husband is back.

Kat’s brats act up as she hangs out with Colin and his bratty son Gene. Kat ignores all warning signs like Gene tossing one of her children out a window. Gene attacks Colin, it seems Gene is possessed and he wants to possess Kat as he hates witches.

This was pathetic, there is no wrap up. Only endless questions. This was dire and to think ‘Babylon Fields’ never made it to series but this did.

What happened to Will and Kat’s relationship? When did Kat and Raymond’s divorce go through? Is Darryl devilish or not? Doesn’t Darryl care about Jamie? Did Jamie inherit his daddy’s powers? Where is Max? Why are we supposed to care about any of these selfish jerks? How did Danny come back from the dead? Who is Max working for? What is possessing Gene and what does it want? Where are the older witches?
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