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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Ep 6 Review

Falx Cerebri

Chibs has been blown up but not fatally. Clay wants revenge. Tara’s a jerk. Jax is ever useless. Various people wander around with bad Irish accents. There is attempted sabotage of the CSI unit. Jax encounters brainwashed LOAN kids. Clay smashes up the cigar shop. These are all unpleasant people.

Jax and Opie neglect their kids. Tara and Gemma shoot up a porn stars car. Hale has words with Polly Zobell who mocks him and the “inbred natives”. Clay leads a revenge attack on Zobell which goes awry as it was a set up and Clay’s stupid. Most of the Sons are arrested save for Opie and Piney who are elsewhere and Chibs who is comatose. This was okay but when did everyone get stupid?Why is Hale hanging out with the Sons? Why is Jax so useless?

Best Lines:
“Call child services, have this little psychopath committed.”

“Do you and Clay really need this many guns?”
“These are just mine.”

“I love you.”
“You should.”

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