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Survivors (1975 - 1977) Review, Part 1

This is the classic BBC series.

Series 1

The Fourth Horseman

As depicted in the opening credits, a scientist in ‘Alfie’ glasses drops a vial of something which spreads worldwide. Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour) lives in a mock Tudor mansion with her husband David (Peter Bowles). She has a son Peter who is away at school, her housekeeper does all the work while Abby plays tennis. Then the epidemic intrudes into their lives. David is disgusted that travel chaos meant he had to take the bus. Abby falls sick and after lying in her own sweat for about five days recovers.

Meanwhile Jenny (Lucy Fleming, who cannot act) lives in London and a doctor urges her to escape to the countryside. So Jenny dons a blue faux fur jacket, evades working class oiks and escapes to Englandshire. She’s immune to the contagion.

This was excellent as the old world is swept away. This shows the remake up for the shoddy mess it was. What is the disease? Plague? How did Abby’s shower work? Her leg wax sure held up well.

Best Lines:
“If the death rate keeps accelerating at this speed, we’re not going to be able to bury our dead.”

“We have no way of stopping it. In a few days the dead will outnumber the living. The cities will be like open cesspits.”

“There was a state of emergency declared, but it was too late. There was nobody left to implement it.”
“The aftermath of this sickness will be more terrible than we can imagine.”


Greg shows up in his helicopter to curse his wife’s corpse and drive around aimlessly. Abby sports white ankle boots. Jenny is billy-no-mates. Greg meets Vic and the whining Anne, who hid out in a quarry with supplies. Abby runs into dubious types and Greg reveals he flew the helicopter back from Holland and saw terrible things en route. Things have gone feudal. This was dull, Anne just irritates.

Best Line:
Rotterdam burning, just miles and miles of fire. Oil tanks going off like bombs.”

Gone Away

Tom Price sneaks around a farm and there is a creepy scene of someone watching him through a window. People fight over a chicken. Typhoid is loose. Greg and his pristine Aran sweater hangs out with Jenny and Abby. Their supermarket looting goes awry, despot types are already in place and Anne has vanished. This was good. But how did Abby wash her clothes?

Best Line:
Must have been bad in all the cities, be a long time before we can go into any of them with any sort of safety.”

Corn Dolly

Greg, Abby and Jenny drive around in their new car and stumble across Charles and Lorraine. Charles has set up a settlement on his farm. He has a working duplicator and has worked out there may only be 10,000 people left in the UK. Mick a bad child actor is saved. People die from eating fish. Greg and co thresh corn. Charles turns out to have some dodgy ideas about survival. This was good, it’s got mud, bleakness and not much hope. Splendid stuff.

Best Lines:
We’ve got enough remains of civilisation to last for about two generations.”
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