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Nikita Ep 1 Review


I saw the Bridget Fonda film, saw bits of the original French film and have never seen the series ‘La Femme Nikita’, but this I liked.

Nikita (Maggie Q) escaped Division and now wants to bring it down. The skeletal Alex is caught committing armed robbery, her death is faked and she is recruited by Division.

The people who run Division are Percy (Xander Berkeley), Amanda (Melinda Clarke), Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford of ‘Traveler’ and ‘The Hills Have Eyes’) and Michael (Shane West of ‘Get Over It’) who sounds like a chain smoker.

Alex meets her fellow recruits Jaden and Thom. Nikita menaces her former foster father, visits her fiancé’s grave, slaps around Birkoff and interferes with a Division mission. This was good with a twist ending. How did Nikita escape? Where she’d get the guns, apartment and clothes? What were Nikita and Michael to each other?

Best Lines:
“What do I gotta do?”
“Learn. How not to sound like a teen meth whore for starters.”

“If you call me baby again I’ll break something else.”

“I was talking to him.”

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