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Bouquet of Barbed Wire (1976) Eps 4 - 7 Reviewed

Sarah and Prue meet and glare hate daggers at each other. They do have one thing in common: neither wear bras. Prue can’t bear not to be the centre of attention. Gavin and Prue learn of Peter’s affair, Prue’s jealous. Meanwhile Peter buys Sarah a huge flat. how can he afford to run three households?

It’s Prue’s birthday and she and Gavin visit her old home for dinner. Prue creates a scene on a train and gets an ugly gold bracelet from Peter. Then Prue reveals Peter’s secret over dinner and Gavin erupts. This was good.

1970’s Tastelessness:
Sarah’s huge manual typewriter
Peter’s office door has a window and the window has a curtain that can be pulled across.
Cassie’s granny skirt
The cars and flares
The ancient electric heater
Prue drinks lemon barley and then guzzles wine at dinner
The men’s suits have huge collars, wide lapels and then there are the wide ties
TVs that have no remote control

Prue’s in hospital, still pouting and playing games. Peter (Frank Finlay of ‘The Three Musketeers’) is so stoic he may as well be a sideboard. Cassie smokes in the middle of hospital and has had enough of her husband. Peter is so laid back and languid he seems to have ODed on Seconal. He has no concept of remorse and moves in with Sarah.

As for Sarah, she is now Peter’s kept woman/shirt washer. Gavin justifies himself and is the first person to spell out the dark desires that lurk in the Manson family. Peter is a creepy freak and Prue is well aware of it.

Cassie sends a letter to Peter that reveals a secret. How she knew where to send the letter isn’t explained. Peter is pompous. Medallion Man Gavin flirts with Cassie to an unexpected reaction. This was good. This series is addictive like eating a fruit salad chew bar, Payday bar and Turtle bar one after the other.

1970’s Tastelessness:
Cassie wears a dress shaped like a circus tent
Nobody thinks to involve the police in what happened to Prue

Best Lines:
She’s tested you to the limit now.”

“They’ve all gone mad, all three of them.”

“She just takes what she wants and leaves the rest lying around in bits.”

Prue goes into labour. Peter answers the phone in a pompous manner. Sarah can’t stand being Peter’s Prue substitute any more and runs after her ex Simon (Roger Rees of ‘Warehouse 13’) to no avail. During a scene between Prue and Cassie the camera jerks as though the cameraman hit something or tripped. Sarah wangsts. Prue stirs the pot even as she patronised and talked over during her primitive labour. This was dull.

1970’s Tastelessness:
Prue’s patchwork quilt style maternity dress
Cassie wears a blue skirt/waistcoat combo that seems to be made out of blue felt
The term Cesar is used instead of C Section, there are no ultrasounds and the doctor listens to the baby’s heartbeat through an ear horn, also Gavin signs the consent form for surgery Prue isn’t even consulted

And so it ends. Things fall apart into bitterness and recrimination. It all goes Greek tragedy and ends on a bitter, bitter note. This was okay. These characters weren’t likable but their story did enthral.

1970’s Tastelessness:
The sheepskin coat

Best Line:
“She always wins doesn’t she...Why is she so powerful? Why don’t I count? Why do you all do exactly what she wants?”
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