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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 10 Review

The Turning Point

Damon and Stefan try to find out who vamped Logan Scumfell. Bonnie now knows all about vampires but does nothing of interest this week. Elena’s a moron. Caroline is abused some more by Damon and then Logan joins in.

It seems the Founding Fathers passed on journals to their children and now Jeremy has found his family’s journal. Jeremy tries to be nice to Tyler for no good reason. The Lockwoods are a family of jerks and there is really unsubtle hints as to why. Stefan and Elena get it on to a really annoying song. Plot contrivances abound. This was all contrived rubbish.

Best Lines:
“You don’t have any friends Damon.”

“I wake up in the ground behind a used car dealership.”

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