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Fringe Season 3 Ep 1 Review


Olivia is trapped in the other universe being subjected to exposition dumps and the constipated looking Walternate is transferring Alt Olivia’s memories into her. Olivia goes on the run and learns JFK is alive in the other universe and taxis won’t go anywhere until you show your ID. Also there are daily flights to the moon and nanotech wraps.

She’s chased by Alt Charlie and Lincoln Lee who’ve been told she is their Olivia who has had a complete psychotic break. Olivia learns there is no Alt Massive Dynamic instead there is a park where a man ride a penny farthing bicycle.

As for alt Olivia, it seems she won an Olympic medal for marksmanship and is dating Peter. This was okay, the alt universe is a fascinating place.

Why isn’t the dye growing out of Olivia’s hair? Why does Walternate need to find out how Olivia moves between universes? He did it himself! What are the words in the opening credits all about: Tran humanism? Retrocognition? Transcendence? How did Olivia swim from the Statue of Liberty to Manhattan? What is up with the cab driver? Who is Peter talking to? Is Peter on the level?

Best Lines:
We are at war. At war with another universe populated by creatures who damage the very fabric of reality.”

“Don’t placate me because you think I’m...”
“Crazy? What would you think if I jacked your cab in a hospital gown with a gun?”

“She’s our Olivia now.”

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