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Ghost Stories Reaction

Saw two shows, ‘Ghost Stories’ and ‘Pam Ann’. The horror play ‘Ghost Stories’ was creepy, scarily effective and brought screams from the audience. And then there was the ridiculous dumb ending which made no sense and was an annoying ending to a truly scary night.

Then there was the stand up act ‘Pam Ann’ which had to be seen to be believed. She was loud, rude, crude and has a cult like army of fans. It was however only sporadically amusing. She did a get however get a great laugh when she referred to ’Love Never Dies’ as ’Paint Never Dries’.

There will be no reviews of ’Stargate Universe’ season 2 for the foreseeable future. So far season 2 is under lit, too full of cop outs, bad acting and morons.

Coming Soon: reviews for ’White Collar’.
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