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Bouquet of Barbed Wire (1976) Eps 1 -3 Reviewed

The original adaptation of Andrea Newman’s novel about a family’s disintegration due to the father’s creepiness.


Prue has married the American Gavin to her father Peter’s disgust. Peter bought them a huge flat as the oddly accented Gavin has no money and Prue’s knocked up. Prue is a manipulative spoilt brat and her father obsesses over her and leers as well.

Peter’s wife Cassie endures all this. Prue stomps around in an ill fitting bikini and high waisted jeans as she plays Peter and Gavin off against each other. Which isn’t hard as Peter loathes Gavin. This was good.

1970’s Tastelessness:
The oddly shaped phone
Prue’s huge white hat
Peter’s co-worker Rupert wears a purple suit with an open shirt and blatantly sexually harasses Peter’s secretary Monica
The vile interior décor of Prue and Gavin’s flat
Gavin’s huge hair
Prue’s bat wing blouse that looks like a mutant Christmas napkin
Cassie’s huge shapeless baby puke colured caftan
Gavin’s huge horrible underpants

Best Lines:
“You victimize him.”
“I can’t help myself. I want to see how far he’ll let me go.”
“He indulges you. Just remember that stuff doesn’t work with me.”

“I object to my only daughter being impregnated by a long haired layabout.”


Sarah is Peter’s new secretary as Monica has quit as she’s getting married. She has a lot of boyfriends and disapproving flatmates. Peter and Cassie have young twin sons they ignore. Prue is 19 and acts like a 5 year old. Peter and his pomander neglect Cassie as he rants about Prue. Gavin gets angry with Prue and lashes out. This was slightly dull.

1970’s Tastelessness:
Sarah’s boyfriend has a shower in his bedroom that is two feet away from his bed.

Best Line:
“I could hardly go on living with Magda after I pinched you from her. Every time she picked up the bread knife I got a funny feeling down my back.”


Sarah and Peter are having an affair. Peter sleeps with her in Prue and Gavin’s bed in their flat. Peter is loathsome. There are annoying voiceovers. Cassie is staying with her sick mother and doesn’t notice Peter’s affair but someone does notice.

Prue and Gavin are in France on holiday. Prue reveals she doesn’t want a daughter as she would be jealous that people might love her daughter more than her.

This was padding. Prue and Gavin’s ‘French’ holiday is hilarious as ‘France’ is so obviously fake and a set. What does Sarah see in Peter? He only ever talks about Prue.

1970’s Tastelessness:
Gavin’s awful swimwear
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