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Book Reviews: The Alchemist in the Shadows + Irredeemable Vol 3

The Alchemist in the Shadows by Pierre Pevel

The sequel to ‘The Cardinal’s Blades’. Cardinal Richelieu knows France is under threat from the Black Claw. So the Blades are entrusted to seek out and eliminate that threat. But danger is all around and a plot is afoot. Can the Blades avert disaster? Cue swordplay, disguise and deception.

This is very good but not as good as ‘The Cardinal’s Blades’, the characters aren’t as well defined as in the original. This time they are just interchangeable names running from place to place doing stuff. Still it is a very enjoyable read and it ends on a cliffhanger setting up the third book.

Irredeemable Vol 3 created by Mark Waid

The military somewhat upset by all that is going out unleash Project Ultimatum. Qubit has tantrums, Modeus shows up, Bette is useless and no-one cares about Encanta. Cary dons a new uniform and freaks out, Tony has bad memories and visits former foster parents. The Paradigm fall. This was very good, the Paradigm are turning out to be a bunch of jerks. There may be a way to defeat Tony after all, or is there?
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