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Eastwick Ep 11 Review

Red Beans and Beyond

The effectiveness of this ep was undercut by the fact it was shown out of order. Joanna whines, weird stuff happens, Roxie is selfish, Jamie can’t act and Bun is not in this ep for some bizarre reason. Kat learns a new aspect of her power, Raymond freaks out, Kat kills Jamie or does she?

Joanna uses her magic on Max to make him forget all he saw. Or so she thinks. Max turns out to be immune to her. The storyline of Max and whatever he’s involved in is more interesting than Darryl and his camped up blandness. This was boring. So is Jamie dead? And if Max’s charm makes him immune to Joanna’s magic, why was he affected by Eleanor’s poison?

Best Lines:
“Everything he presents to you is merely a disguise.”

“Your plan to stare menacingly at the door until it opens is pretty good.”

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