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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 9 Review

History Repeating

Bonnie has boring dreams and is threatened by Damon. Alaric Saltzman shows up as Mr Tanner’s replacement and he has a ring of mystery which no-one cares about. Stefan and Damon have boring squabbles. The shrill bimbo Caroline suggests a séance.

Exposition dumps reveal that Bonnie’s ancestor Emily was Katherine’s handmaid and that Damon wants to free Katherine from imprisonment in a church. She and 27 vampires were imprisoned there by the townspeople back in the day. Damon engages in more gross behaviour, Elena tantrums, Caroline dresses like a sad clown hooker and this ep was just dull and smug.

Why does Elena care about Damon? Why does Elena sulk and whine so much? Why is everyone so annoying? Why doesn’t someone kill Damon already? Why is there no parental supervision of these brats? What happened to Emily back in the day?
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