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Movie Review: The Final (2010)

In the hermetically sealed society of high school, the popular kids are scowling, belligerent, imperialist bastards. Out of the wreckage they create is formed a messianic cult composed of unpopular bullied kids who via awestruck silence and apocalyptic rage plot vengeance. They plan a special party in which the popular kids regime suddenly collapses and they are not prepared for the consequences of that collapse. What happens is that everyone at the party has fallen out of the bullies world, there is only the world the bullied create.

Vile bullying popular kids are tied up and taught a lesson by those they have bullied. Parents are utterly disinterested and Kurtis the one nice popular kid cannot avert terrible things. Imagine ‘Mean Girls’ meets ‘SAW’ meets ‘Veronica Mars’. This is creepy and very good.

The bullied kids are unnervingly unemotional and Bradley the self serving bully is not a nice person at all. Mean girl Bridget has a limit to her cruelty and pays for it. The ending is just disturbing. What did they teach at that high school?

Still after the popular kids drink the spiked punch why do they all pass out at exactly the same time and wake up at exactly the same time? Also the Vietnam Vet subplot was a bit annoying and Kurtis could not act. Minor flaws aside this was unnerving viewing.

Best Lines:
“I wanted to be your friend.”

“I got us the hottest costumes for the party. They scream: We Love Sex But Not With You.”

“All the years of watching horror films, what could be better than to put it all to use.”

“Sorry I didn’t believe you.”
“It’s cool. You come banging on my door at 5 o clock in the morning with a gun in your hand, I might not believe you either.”

“There are more like us out there.”
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