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CSI Season 7 Ep 9 Review

Living Legend

A tacky gold Cadillac containing the remains of legendary 1970’s Las Vegas crime boss is found. Meanwhile a bizarre series of murders takes place and somehow nobody notices they are all being committed by the same man wearing sub par make up. What ties the cases together?

It all ties back to the 1970’s when Catherine was a 16 year old skank hit on by Mickey Dunn and four punks thought up a plan to get rich quick. This was good and has Roger Daltrey camping it up.

Nobody noticed that the names of killers in horror movies were being used as alias’? Mickey Dunn drove a gold Cadillac with a gun hood ornament and a licence plate that said ‘Chainsaw’ and he couldn’t be arrested for violating taste alone? Whatever became of Louise Lombard? Where did Dunn get the photos? Why would a mob boss pose for a photo with 4 nobodies?  When did the killer ‘master’ his make up skills? Why does Catherine wear such tacky clothing to work? Why wasn't the car found for 30 years? Who knew a man could be shot, dumped into a cold filthy lake, get out of the submerged car with the gun he was shot with and shoot someone with said waterlogged gun, steal their clothes and violate their corpse, then hop on their motorcycle and drive away without any trouble from blood loss, infection, pain or someone wondering why a Nevada cop is riding into Mexico?

Best Lines:
“Homicide related road pizza.”

“Monster changes his name, his face, passes for human.”

“Somewhere in hell, Mickey Dunn and his old pal Jimmy Hoffa are laughing their asses off.”
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