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Prison Break 4x06 Review

Blow Out

The 'Ocean's 11' theme of Season 4 is rapidly wearing out its welcome.

Gretchen goes to ground with his sister. Gretchen shows she has a heart and
a secret daughter. Yep, the sister is raising Gretchen's child as her own.
Now who is the father? Meanwhile Mahone is arrested, not one cop recognises
him. Michael stages a courthouse break to save Mahone because Alex is his
bestsest friend forever. Wyatt shows up to be non-ominous. Roland is sneaky.
T-Bag's idiot GATE plot drags on. Self continues to demonstrate he isn't a
nice person but when Wyatt ties to menace him, Self shows a backbone.

This ep was dull, I wonder if they're going to pull a season 2 Mahone on
Self and have him switch from lawman to murderous nutcase.

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