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Eastwick Ep 12 Review

Magic Show and Creep Genes

Episode 11 has been skipped over for some reason. Jamie’s dead and the witches have vowed never to use their powers again. Roxie still acts like a moron and slobbers over and shags Darryl. Kat drools over a fugly new neighbour (Jerry O’Connell of ‘Sliders’ and ‘Scream 2’).

Darryl explains the events of the 1980’s to the tune of ‘Sweet Dreams’ but doesn’t seem to care that his son Jamie is dead. Kat and Joanna are fed up of Roxie but it doesn’t last long. Joanna’s selfish, Kat ignores her kids and the dialogue is laughable.

But in the last few minutes the show finally intrigues me as it is revealed that Max isn’t to be trusted and that fugly neighbour’s kid is creepy. This was dull apart from the final minute revelations.

Best Lines:
“Why didn’t you call the police?”
“And tell them what? We’re a bunch of witches involved in a supernatural blood feud?”

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