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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 8 Review

162 Candles

Lexi a puffy faced vampire and long time friend of Stefan’s shows up. Stefan shows more life with Lexi than he has with Elena in all the previous episodes. Jenna shows up, Jeremy stops being a junkie drop out. Damon insinuates himself into the town vampire hunting posse and abuses Caroline some more. Bonnie does a magic trick with feathers. Miss Prissy Pants Elena makes faces. Lexi drinks from a blood bag with a straw, now who do you think Stefan should hang out with?

Stefan thinks Elena is warm, is he watching the same show we are? Miss Prissy Pants Elena sulks and is rude. Caroline sasses her mother. Damon does something bad remorselessly, again. Miss Prissy Pants Elena defends him, will she just shut up? This was boring.

Where did Stefan and Damon get their daylight rings? What is the point of the moronic Caroline? Why are Bonnie and Elena friends with the vapid fashion victim? Why does Stefan not kill his serial killer brother?

Best Lines:
“Where’s Damon?”
“Inflicting misery somewhere.”

“I’m worse than shallow, I’m a kiddie pool.”

“I’ve a diabolical master plan.”
“What is it?”
“Well if I told you it wouldn’t be very diabolical now would it?”

“It’s coming.”

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