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Bouquet of Barbed Wire (2010) Ep 3 Review

This bears no resemblance to the novel. Peter confesses his affair to Cassie, she still slobbers over Gavin for a bit. Prue dresses like a homeless meth addict and acts like a snot. Sarah is inexplicably devoted to Peter. The ignored son has a horrible haircut. Peter wails, Cassie blubbers and despite its awfulness this grips like a leech.

Peter is suddenly broke. Prue uncovers the mystery of Gavin and Paula and throws a tantrum. Gavin rants and gets away scott free with all the crap he’s pulled. Peter has a breakdown. Prue’s idiot behaviour leads to the inevitable.

Episode one had such promise but episodes two and three descended into a morass of terrible dialogue and utter implausibility. Gavin’s whole back-story and motivation makes no sense. The final scene is utterly, utterly dumb. This was awful.

Best Lines:
It’s not safe for you here.”
“I know mum, that’s why I choose it.”

“You disgust me, I allowed myself to be touched by you.”

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