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Book Review: No Will But His

No Will But His by Sarah Hoyt

Kathryn Howard us a young naïve poor relation of a noble family. Her cousin Anne Boleyn has married King Henry VIII and there is no telling how high the Howard’s will rise.

As Kathryn Howard grows up, she develops a lusty appetite and a taste for power. Her fate is to follow in the footsteps of Anne Boleyn and become Henry VIII’s wife. She has ambition and plans but she is dogged on her ongoing cataclysmic taste in men.

This is a good sympatric account of Henry VIII’s 5th wife. Kathryn Howard is often dismissed as stupid and inconsequential but this book gives a warm depiction of an uneducated but knowing woman. Kathryn saw her chance and took it, determined to keep her crown at any cost. Sadly the cost was too high.
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