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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 7 Review


Bonnie learns her family fled Salem in 1692. Caroline is a vapid airhead. Vicki is the Lindsay Lohan of the vampire world. Bonnie is given the mysterious crystal by Caroline. Elena acts like a smug cow to Vicki, which is a bad idea. Vicki figures out the whole inviting a vampire in trick.

There’s a Halloween party at the school where Tyler is dressed as a ‘300’ extra (but of course) and Bonnie and Caroline are slutty witches. Tyler’s drunken mother dresses as Daisy from ‘The Great Gatsby’ (oh, subtle) and flirts with Damon. Elena runs around in a slutty nurse outfit while Jessica’s a really slutty vampire. As Damon flirts information out of Tyler’s cougar mother, Matt annoys and Vicki gets bitey.

Bad things happen, the crystal is sort of explained and for some reason Damon still doesn’t get staked. This was good. When did Elena get the 12 week blow-dry? Does nobody notice that Zack is missing?

Best Lines:
“He walks on a moral plane way out of our eye line.”

“Why do I have to pee? I thought I was dead.”

“She’s been coped up in your room all day, she’s not Anne Frank.”

“You confuse me for someone with remorse.”

“People die around you.”

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