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Heroes 3x01 Review

The Second Coming

Who shot Nathan? It was Peter from the future. It seems that things got even
worse in the future thanks to our 'heroes' meddling. Future Peter exiles
Matt into a desert and somehow makes Peter a prisoner in the Company's Level
5 facility. Meanwhile Nathan is having visions of Linderman and has gotten
God. Nobody at all seems concerned that Nathan may be crazy or that's he now
resurrected from the dead twice. Future Peter is oddly okay with trying to
kill his own brother. Also nobody seems to notice or care that Matt is MIA.

Meanwhile Hiro travels into the future, sees an apocalypse and then returns
to his own time just in the nick of time just like he did in seasons 1 and
2. A little originality wouldn't go awry. Also he meets his nemesis and
learns that Ando could turn on him. Sylar is still around, they just won't
get rid of him. He does stuff with Claire's brain. Claire continues to be
useless, so much for 'save the cheerleader, save the world'. After putting
Molly on a bus off the show, Mohinder learns the source of the heroes powers
and does something incredibly stupid.

An okay start, but much needs to be done to improve the show. Every time I see Peter and his wonky mouth, all I see is that annoyance Jesse from 'Gilmore Girls'. Why is Hiro running the business? What about his sister? Doesn't she have powers too? What does Sylar do with people's brains? Who paints all those ominous paintings that keep cropping up all over the place? A world destroying formula. Oh how original. Where are Nathan's wife and kids? Who is Tracy? Hiro assumes Ando is the villain in the future. It doesn't occur to him that he could be the villain. This show needs to ditch Sylar, Mr Bennett and Claire already.
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