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Bouquet of Barbed Wire (2010) Episode 2 Review

Peter’s obsession with Gavin reaches dangerous new levels when he learns that Gavin stalked Prue before they hooked up. Giles plays with Cassie. Prue annoys. Peter stares at his screensaver of Prue and the thuggish Gavin is a loathsome oik.

Cassie flips out. The mystery of who Paula is drags on. Gavin plans to move to Yorkshire. Giles turns on Peter who is now unemployed. Peter hires someone to stab Gavin in the back with kitchen scissors. Cassie reacts by jumping into bed with Gavin who is still in his hospital bed cackling like a loon. This was boring, every character is loathsome and Gavin acts like the baddie in a 1970’s Hammer film not an actual person.
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