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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 6 Review

Lost Girls

Flashbacks to 1864 begin to explain the Stefan/Damon back-story. Despite the fact that the war was going badly for the South at this point Stefan and Damon find time to play football and chase after the visiting Katherine. Nobody wonders why Katherine seems to live and travel alone in 1864. Katherine is a vampire and feeds on Stefan and mind controls him. Katherine and her corset is a far more interesting character than Miss Prissy Pants Elena.

Damon kills people, Divia in ‘Forever Knight’ was a scarier villain than Damon and she was only ever in two episodes. Damon turns Vicki into a vampire; she doesn’t mind that he killed all her druggie friends. Meanwhile the town anti-vampire league goes on a vampire hunt with the vampire compass and wooden bullets. Damon has killed so many people at this point that it’s obvious a vampire is loose. Miss Prissy Pants Elena dumps Stefan.

This was good but why wasn’t Stefan in the army in 1864, he does not look 17? Why did Stefan forget about finding the blood thirsty Damon just because Miss Prissy Pants Elena was having a tantrum?

Best Lines:
“There was a time when this town was very much aware of vampires. And it didn’t end well for anybody.”

“Your life is so pathetic.”
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