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My Own Worst Enemy (2009) Review

An ill-fated Christian Slater TV vehicle that bore a striking resemblance to ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Jekyll’.

Edward (Christian Slater) is a cold blooded spy who has another personality in the form of Henry, a boring middle class dweller. Edward knows about Henry but Henry doesn’t know about Edward until the chip in their head that controls the split breaks. Straight away the questions arise: what is the point of the Edward/Henry split? Why did Edward’s spy agency create the fake Henry personality in the first place?

Edward is a nut; sadly TPTB never let Slater go all out in the role as he did in ‘Very Bad Things’. Henry has a Stepford wife Angie (Madchen Amick of ‘Twin Peaks’) and a daughter and a son Jack (Taylor Lautner of ‘Twilight’). Henry becomes aware of Edward, boring stuff happens.

Best Lines:
I won’t tell Mavis that you’re playing World of Warcraft on her billion dollar mainframe.”

“In a few years when your kid is in the campus bell tower picking off other students with a rifle yelling about how Daddy was never there. Just remember I called it.”

Tony the put upon tech guy (apparently the ONLY tech guy) at Janus (subtle name isn’t it?) has to figure out how Edward’s chip broke. Meanwhile Edward has an icky attitude to Angie. Edward’s boss Trumbull (James Cromwell) lurks. Edward’s co-worker Raymond is vile and he too has a boring suburban alter ego in the form of Tom.

Edward and Raymond hunt a German spy. Henry babbles to his shrink and rants. The point of the whole dual identity issue is still not explained. This was boring and Henry inadvertently gets his college buddy Rafe killed by Edward.

Best Line:
Your better half might fall down a very steep set of stairs.”

Hello, Henry
Poor Slater, between this and ‘the forgotten’, TV isn’t working out so well for him. Henry hates Edward and broods over Rafe. A fake FBI agent shadows Henry and Tom’s wife Mary broods over his quicksilver moods and hires a PI to spy on him. Edward looks for schematic. There are moral messages and the ick factor grows as neither Edward nor Raymond care about their wives and kids, noting that they aren’t really ‘theirs’. Why are we supposed to care about these people? Henry’s shrink turns out to be on the dual identity thing too, who saw that coming? Everyone. This was boring.

Best Line:
“This is a hoochie dress.”

That Is Not My Son
Dr Skinner (Saffron Burrows) is part of Janus’ Byzantine organization and communicates with Edward via pen light. Another dual identity agent shows up in the form of Paula whose fake ID is that of friendly office girl Ellen. Skinner and Edward get it on. Mary is told Tom is having an affair to explain his mood swings. Henry is appalled that his son Jack takes after Edward.

When Paula becomes aware of Edward’s broken chip, Dr Skinner has Paula erased so only the fake personality Ellen remains. It’s icky, why Janus just didn’t do this to Edward already isn’t explained. Edward takes precautions so that they now can’t do that to him. This was okay mostly due to the Ellen/Paula storyline sadly she was never seen or mentioned again after this episode.

The Night Train To Moscow
Henry suspects Angie has a secret life and things she has been doing lately do seem suspicious. Meanwhile Edward obsesses over who killed his parents when he was a teenager. This was dull.

High Crimes And Turducken
Janus continues to send the unreliable Edward on dangerous mission despite the fact he can turn into Henry at every inopportune moment. Edward plays a long game to find out who killed his parents. People run around with guns and scream a lot over something called the Falcon. This show is repetitive and Henry makes more self righteous rants. Tom and Mary bore, Angie’s dad shows up to be boring. I’m tired of this show. This was just uh.

Down Rio Way
Henry provides an unnecessary voice over. Edward dodges Raymond who’d have to be legally blind not to have noticed him. Edward confronts Trumbull. There are flashbacks to 19 years ago in which Trumbull and Edward do not look 19 years younger, ‘CSI: Miami’ did flashbacks way better. Mary kills a man via drunk driving. Jack buys a car. Edward is played twice by different people. Some super spy he is. There is a cop out ending. This was uh.

Love in all the Wrong Places
Edward is in the Congo and stumbles over long lost prisoners. Mavis (Alfre Woodard) broods. Angie wants a baby. Edward constantly manipulates exploits and goads all around him while Henry is a semi-competent buffoon. This was pompous and very tedious. There is zero nuance or complex to this show at all.

Henry And The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day
This show continues to build up distraction and dissatisfaction. Edward finds a way to fix himself. Someone bad recognises Tom as Raymond so Raymond kills him and Mary witnesses it. Tony the ill used tech guy is murdered. Now the split can’t be fixed. Thus on these cliffhangers does this show end. This was uh.

Any questions about Raymond’s dark past, what Mary will do now, Trumbull’s agenda, who killed Tony, why Edward’s parents were killed and by who and the answer to did Edward’s chip break or did someone break it will never be answered. Also the over riding question as to why Janus creates split personalities in its agents will never ever ever be addressed.
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