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Eastwick Ep 9 Review

Tasers and Mind Erasers

Darryl urges Kat to heal Greta. Mia is a brat and in peril again. Roxie’s mother shows up. Joanna and Kat act stupidly and finally use their powers. Roxie can read minds now, joy. Roxie objects when her mother tells her how to raise Mia. Roxie needs to be told how to parent. Joanna gets a job in an empty bar.

The trio finally discuss their powers, that took long enough. Meanwhile Bun, Eleanor and Jamie plot to kill Darryl via proxy. Jamie is the son of Darryl and Gloria who was the third member of the Bun and Eleanor triad. Didn’t earlier eps suggest that Bun was Jamie’s mother? This was full of sap and unanswered questions. What does Darryl want? Where is Pastor Dunn?
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