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True Blood Season 2 Ep 1 Review

Nothing But The Blood

Sookie’s annoying fake accent and self righteous smugness is out in full force as she meets Jessica and learns Bill killed her bad touch great uncle. Bill killed the trailer trash that beat Sookie so what did she think would happen when she told her vampire boyfriend that her great uncle molested her? What did she think would happen? Jason meets the Newlins and enjoys the Fellowship of the Sun church. Flashbacks show how a 17 year old Sam met Maryann. Also various unfortunates are held in a ‘Saw’ like basement. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“There ain’t no pulse.”
“What? Why?”
“Because there ain’t no heart.”

“You’re overworked. You’re also drunk.”
“What? I am not overworked.”

“I am going to have a guest come over shortly.”
“Can we eat her?”
“You may not.”

“I will not have you looking like a slattern.”
“A what?”

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