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Tin Man review (Part 1)

Tin Man (2007)

The mini-series re-imagining of 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'.

Part 1

DG is an ordinary girl. DG as played by Zooey Deschannel either can't act or won't act. Also her face may have been frozen by botox. Anyway one day DG's home is attacked by scary men and her parents push her into a 'travel storm' aka a tornado and DG wakes up in the Outer Zone aka the O.Z. The evil Sorceress Azkadellia (Kathleen Robertson, the best thing in this) not only dresses like a 'She-Ra' doll but she's out to get DG.

Meanwhile DG blunders around and is menaced by homicidal lawn gnomes and then joins up with the idiot Glitch (Alan Cumming), the cold hearted Cain (Neal McDonough, the crazy eyed veteran of 'Traveler', 'Star Trek: First Contact' and 'Walking Tall') and the psychic Raw. So DG and her steampunk versions of the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion walk along the battered old brick road trying to evade Azkadellia's personal Gestapo, the longcoats. The motley crew hope to reach Central City and get help from the Mystic Man.

But complications ensue, Azkadellia's evilest henchman Zero (Callum Keith Rennie) is after them and the Mystic Man is out of it on drugs. DG also comes to some startling revelations: the people she thought were her parents are really robot nurture units and Azkadellia is her sister. Meanwhile Azkadellia keeps mummy imprisoned in a nifty desktop prison and has flying monkeys that come out of tattoos on her cleavage.

This was good apart from Zooey Deschannel's non-acting. The retelling of the Oz story is very interesting and has unique twists. Zero and Azkadellia are great villains and there are hints of an intriguing back-story via Azkadellia's conversations with her imprisoned mother. Questions are raised: why was DG taken out of the O.Z 15 years ago? Why did Azkadellia turn the O.Z into a wasteland? And how did Glitch go from the Queen's advisor to an idiot with a zipper in his head? Also DG seems a bit dim. After releasing Cain from his years' long imprisonment in a tin box she asks: "Are you ok?"

Part 2

The gang are separated, some are Azkadellia's prisoners and some are on the loose. After various wacky hijinks they reunite and DG's also reunites with Toto, they set off in search of an emerald and something called the Grey Gale. Raw takes a root through Glitch's mind and the tragedy that was his downfall are shown, however dark rumblings of something called the Sunseeder begin.

However more is to come as DG has to confront a terrible memory. DG learns that Azkadellia's tyranny is all her fault. Years ago she abandoned her elder sister to be possessed by a wicked witch. DG and Azkadellia's mother knew what had become of her elder child but for some inexplicable reason did nothing to help. DG was quite obviously the favourite and of her elder child, all she said was: "The darkness is too deeply rooted in her." Seriously what was that? It explains Azkadellia's earlier line to her mother: "You made me what I am." Why didn't anyone do anything over the last 15 years to help Azkadellia? If they had, Azkadellia's violent coup and the devastation of the O.Z could have been prevented.

This part was also good. But there are annoying contrivances: like Cain being on the surface of the ice when at the end of part 1 he was seen plunging into the icy lake annoy, the gang run across the same Pape fields they did in part 1 and how no-one tried to save Azkadellia.
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