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Bouquet of Barbed Wire (2010) Ep 1 Review

This was originally made as a scandalous and really popular miniseries in 1976 so naturally it’s been remade. I’ve never read the novel this is based on but now I want to. Peter (Trevor Eve) is married to Cassie (Hermione Norris of ‘Spooks’) and they have a beloved daughter Prue and a son David no-one really cares about. They all live in a huge house in the countryside and Peter adores Prue in a borderline creepy manner. Then she shags her English teacher Gavin and gets knocked up.

Prue tells daddy devoted that she is dropping out of school, throwing away her place at Oxford, marrying the much older Gavin and going to live in a grotty flat with him. ‘Juno’ this isn’t. Peter goes berserk especially since Gavin is a creepy controlling freak. Prue is inexplicably devoted to the nutcase.

Peter’s boss Giles suggests hiring blokes off the internet who will: “Dangle him out a top floor window until he begs to be allowed to emigrate.” But too late as Gavin and Prue have a grotty wedding and move into a vile tower block. Gavin hates Peter and Peter blames his wife for everything and is politely distant with her.

Cassie broods as Giles lusts after her, Peter shags his co-worker Sarah (Jemina Rooper of ‘Hex’) while brooding over Prue and Gavin batters his new wife. This is okay; there is just something vaguely unclean about this series.

Best Lines:
“I’ve been begging your mother for years to come and do swinish things in bed with me. Do you think she ever might?”
“Maybe if you brushed your teeth.”

“Got a few things on my mind: daughter despoiled by a sociopath and so on.”
Tags: bouquet of barbed wire, hex

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