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Eastwick Ep 8 Review

Paint and Pleasure

The idiot Will/Kat/Raymond rubbish drags on despite Kat not actually being divorced. Joanna finally asks Penny to join her and her new friends for a drink and it goes badly. Roxie makes ugly art and flirts with Darryl, she truly is shameless. None of these characters are people; they’re just cartoons who run around acting like no real people do.

Joanna and Penny fall out after Penny points out correctly: “Whenever we do hang out, all we talk about is you.” Joanna being selfish, feuds with Penny as a result. Roxie wears a huge tacky necklace and makes a fool of herself. Joanna and Kat act like drunken sluts. Raymond’s moved on pretty quickly for being such a controlling jerk. A New York art buyer (Rosanna Arquette) shows up.

Where is Mia during all this? Kat nearly kills Raymond’s date via her magic weather powers. Jamie tries to kill Darryl via a really obvious patch of poison on his pillow. Joanna does something disgusting. Roxie has a vision and Jamie’s murder attempt succeeds but hits the wrong target. This was dull and why do the central characters act like spoilt six year olds?

Best Lines:
“I dropped out of art school.”
“Me too. See we have something in common.”
“Yeah I got pregnant and it was either tuition or baby food.”
“And I woke one day and realised I couldn’t paint or sculpt or draw.”

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