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Warehouse 13 Season 1 Review Eps 7 – 12 Reviewed

Myka and Pete have to steal a Samurai sword and come up against their former co-workers. But after a close encounter with an implosion grenade, they realise they have a mysterious nemesis (Roger Rees of ‘Robin Hood: Men In Tights’). Artie keeps secrets, there is a sword that causes invisibility and hints that working for Warehouse 13 will cost Pete and Myka dearly. This was good, a drastic improvement on earlier episodes. The big bad intrigues.

Claudia annoys and a close encounter with Lewis Carroll’s mirror and Studio 54’s disco ball means bad stuff happens to Myka. Somehow Pete playing ping pong with his reflection in said mirror hasn’t caused any problems. Anyway the gurning Alice in the mirror escapes and runs off to Vegas. Alice has an encounter with some thieves using a fortune telling poker chip and then inexplicably goes back to Warehouse 13 to mischief make. This was good. But how did Myka get out of the mirror and what is the ominously named Dark Vault?

Best Lines:
An insane ex-Warehouse agent who is competing for artefacts.”

“The place drove him nuts? Something lured him to the dark side?”
“No, he is the dark side and things are lured to him.”

There is weird goings on in a prison. Claudia continues to be whiny and selfish. Everyone goes cuckoo, Pete and Myka hallucinate and a jail cult leader (Joe Morton) makes ominous statements. This was just uh.

Claudia nearly causes Warehouse 13 to blow up. Claudia, Pete and Myka have to run around wildly to fix things, this means taking a detour through the Dark Vault. In the Dark Vault Pete has an encounter with Sylvia Plath’s typewriter. Artie meets the Warehouse 13 Regents who aren’t “hooded figures standing in half light around a perpetually burning flame.” This is okay.

Myka’s dad (Michael Hogan of ‘Battlestar Galactica’) has an encounter with one half of an artefact. Meanwhile at a school, the other half is loose causing an unhappy pupil to re-enact Edgar Allen Poe plots on people he dislikes. Myka and Pete have to deal with daddy issues, zombie students and the return (at last) of their nemesis. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Manage my assets better or I swear on the ashes of the first 12 Warehouses, I will take them away from you.”

“The world’s most dangerous antiques roadshow.”

15 years ago Artie and MacPherson fell out over MacPherson’s wife. Now MacPherson is selling artefacts stolen from inside Warehouse 13 and has a great big plan for revenge. Artie wants to capture MacPherson and store him in Warehouse 13 with all the other people deemed to not fit to walk under the sky. The fact Warehouse 13 stores people is rather creepy. Anyway Claudia’s stupid, Leena finally has a purpose, two old dudes throw down and MacPherson has a point. This was good with a cliffhanger ending.
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