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Book Reviews: The Family Tree + The Uncrowned King

The Family Tree by Sheri S Tepper

From the author of ‘Still Life’, ‘Blood Heritage’, ‘The Gate to Women’s Country’, ‘Grass’, ‘Gibbon’s Decline and Fall’, ‘Six Moon Dance’ and ‘Shadow’s End’ comes this tale of past, future and trees.

Dora Henry leaves her unhappy marriage just as trees begin an unexplained and seemingly exponential growth. Dora puzzles over the trees fantastic growth, investigates mysterious murders and ponders her husband’s odd behaviour. Meanwhile in the distant future another tale unfolds.

A group set out on a quest that is somehow connected to events taking place in Dora’s time. This group will uncover a hidden past and set in motion a series of extraordinary and shocking revelations. This is a good book even if it does contain Tepper’s usual rants.

The Uncrowned King: Book Two of The Chronicles Of King Rolen’s Kin by Rowena Cory Daniels

The royal family was been torn apart by ambition, suspicion and secrets. Now their land has been invaded and their castle taken. Now only three royal heirs survive. The spoilt stupid Piro has to evade death and ends up a slave. Her equally stupid brother Fyn is manipulated by everyone around him and the uncrowned king Byren fights to survive. Stung by his twin brother’s betrayal and his parents mistrust, he has almost lost hope. But magic and the unwanted love of his best friend are his strongest allies.

This was good; it is obvious there is far more to the invasion and the deaths of King Rolen’s kin then is immediately apparent. Am I the only one to suspect that Byren’s twin brother isn’t dead?
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