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Book Review: Windfall

Windfall: Weather Warden Book 4 by Rachel Caine

The saga continues and the plot becomes a bit repetitive.

After quitting the Wardens after the events of book 3 'Chill Factor', Joanne is working as a weather girl and being 'poor' (somehow her version of 'poor' allows her to drive a very fancy car and splurge on designer shoes and make-up). Then her never before mentioned sister Sarah shows up to live with her. Then the trying so hard to be ominous djinn show up to threaten Joanne and all Joanne wants or cares about is David.

A superstorm is brewing to menace Florida, the most powerful djinn of all has a deathwish, the djinn turn on the Wardens, the Wardens are doing their usual shtick of threatening to strip Joanne's powers, Sarah has a wannabe hard man boyfriend, Lewis and Kevin show up to nearly get killed, Joanne is menaced by various baddies but all she wants to do is rub David's bottle.

This book was a good enjoyable read but Joanne's selfish David obsession and the infernal magical kid stuff is too much. Enough with this series' clichés of: fast cars, Joanne's clothes and shoe obsession, the Wardens doing their usual power stripping threat, djinn being condescending, baddies threatening Joanne instead of outright killing her and will David finally exist to do something other than sexually service Joanne?
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