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V Season 1 Ep 12 Review

Red Sky
Val’s abducted, gives birth to some thing and is murdered by Anna. Ryan is re-brainwashed. Tyler and Erica go to dinner on the mothership. Jack makes a V is for victory sermon. The uncanny valley Marcus lurks. Chad is a massive tool and bad things happen to Joshua. Erica destroys Anna’s soldiers and Anna reacts badly. This was okay.

What is the next stage? What is Marcus up to with Kyle? What happened to Tyler’s stupid friend? Who is Kyle’s her? What will Chad do now he’s learnt what a tool he really is? What did Val give birth to? How has Erica’s phone such good coverage? What did Anna do to the sky?

Best Lines:
“Chad Decker is Anna’s willing pawn.”

“Speak out against the Visitors and you are no longer welcome here.”

“You’ve trusted us with your career and your health. Without us you’d loose everything.”

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