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Eastwick Ep 7 Review

Red Beans and Black Widows

This episode shows up all the flaws of this show. Nothing ever happens and the ‘witches’ are dumb and selfish. Kat is still sceptical about powers despite being able to heal and control the weather. Roxie doesn’t really mourn Chad she’s too busy chasing after Darryl and making a spectacle of herself at Chad’s funeral. Meanwhile the only proactive people on the show are Bun and Eleanor the previous generation of Eastwick witches who had a mysterious falling out decades ago. This was dull.

Why does Joanna never ask Penny to hang out with her new friends? Why is Joanna so upset that Max now has her old job? Why is Max so obsessed with Joanna? Why did Bun and Eleanor fall out?

Best Lines:
“You horrible woman!”
“I’m sorry, that wasn’t the curse that was me accidentally shoving an old man into an open grave!”

“What are we going to do about Darryl Van Horne?”
“Think we’re going to have to kill him again.”

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