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Warehouse 13 Season 1 Eps 4 - 6 Reviewed

The hacker aka Claudia shows up and she kidnaps Artie. She’s a snotty, entitled nut job and needs Artie to save her idiot brother from a compass teleportation experiment gone wrong. This was dull and the actress playing Claudia was terrible.

Claudia and her idiot brother Joshua hang out until Artie somehow gets Joshua a job at CERN and rewards Claudia for her malfeasance by getting her a job at Warehouse 13. Meanwhile an auction house is robbed and Myka and Pete suspect Jeffrey Weaver (Joe Flanigan of ’Stargate Atlantis’ and ’Thoughtcrimes’). Jeffrey’s character makes no sense and we also get lots and lots of Claudia being an obnoxious snot. This was okay.

Myka and Pete find the body of a long dead Warehouse 13 agent. Claudia brats. Pete is in peril. This gormless plot has all the thrills of a go-kart race at reduced speed. Claudia has no insight, regret or remorse about her brattiness. Myka and Pete are dumb. Pete runs around roaring and this ep just reeks of mediocrity and self regard.
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