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Warehouse 13 Season 1 Eps 1 – 3 Reviewed

Myka an uptight hag and Pete a man slut are the country’s worst secret service agents until they are transferred to Warehouse 13. Their new job is to protect and add to a repository for mysterious artefacts under the aegis of their boss Artie and his mysterious boss.

Their first case involves a ferret, college students and evil hair comb. This is okay with a nice steampunk aesthetic.

Best Lines:
“Pandora’s Box is over in Aisle 9-89.”

“How’d you get in here?”
“Through a door.”

Bank robbers use a mysterious record to aid in their bank robberies. Myka and Pete help solve the case much to the disgust of an FBI agent (Tricia Helfer). Meanwhile Artie duels a hacker who is trying to break into Warehouse 13. This was featherlight stuff; still the opening credits are nice.

Myka and Pete continue their yelling. How did they get jobs as secret service agents? They sometimes seem incapable of completing cognitive tasks and Artie fails to institute any boundaries. This show doesn’t go for the dark and layered approach but it does have a certain appeal. The duo head to a small town where a violent old woman and the guy who was Paige’s husband on ‘Charmed’ are having issues. An evil chair is behind it all.

This was okay, but will TPTB do anything about the Pete is an alcoholic plot and why is Myka such an irritant? Also the scene where the hacker gets into Warehouse 13 seems to be an homage to the He Will Knock Three Times stuff from ‘Doctor Who’.
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